WM Clark & Son (Pargate) Ltd Powerhand Attachments was established in 1999 as a division within WM. Clark and Son Engineering, a company now in its 90th year of business. Powerhand very quickly established a firm reputation for producing high quality materials handling equipment, manufacturing at their Parkgate factory just north of Dumfries, Scotland and shipping worldwide a range of specialist Rail, Construction, Scrap and Recycling Grapples, Clamshell Buckets, High-Tip Loader Buckets and more.

The company use the latest advanced computer-aided design technology, combined with traditional engineering expertise to efficiently produce materials handling equipment to meet the exact requirements of each customer, and construct using only the the highest quality materials. Although Powerhand have for some time manufactured a small grab suitable for mobile bailers and a four tine grab ideal for handling vehicles and engine removals, their latest release was the Vehicle Recycling System (VRS) launched in March 2013.

The VRS is an excavator mounted ELV processing unit, comprising of a rigidly mounted grapple with cutting shear which can be rotated continuously via a high torque worm and worm-wheel rotation device, and an undercarriage mounted set of processing legs. These processing legs can move sideways as well as up and down to clamp the vehicle, also, the sideways movement is used in conjunction with a range in interchangeable tools which can be fitted to mounting points along the legs inner surface:

Vertical blades can be fitted for splitting gearboxes from engines.Horizontal blades can be mounted behind for simple and fast removal of cylinder heads.Other mounting points allow fitting of tools for stripping unwanted components for wiring looms, engine holding cups, etc.

Being a UK based manufacturing company, Powerhand offer a full back up service for their products by their service engineers, and hold extensive spare parts for all their manufactured equipment.  Come and see our Vehicle Recycling System (Powerhand VRS) in action at the show.


Douglas Clark

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